How does the dotFIT Program keep me on track to my goal?

On Wednesday, February 25, 2009 by dotFIT experts

Estimating Energy Expenditure Creates Your Initial Calorie Recommendations

Your estimated average daily energy expenditure (expected calories burned) is a calculation taken from your personal statistics and a complete week’s view of your typical daily activities. This daily average of calories burned is then used to create your starting suggested calorie intake that will allow you to reach your goal on the date you desire.  Calorie intake or burn numbers are not required to be 100% accurate, NOR is there ANY method that can establish this accuracy. Accurate calorie changes to keep you on track to your goal are dictated as necessary by your weekly fat/weight changes & ongoing trend.

Your Measurement Inputs & Goal Date Determine the Ongoing Accurate Program Feedback
Your measurement/weight changes from the beginning of your program are mapped to your goal date at each entry, creating feedback in your program as in the example below:
“According to your weight change, you lost ½ LB this period. Your goal was to lose 1LB; therefore, during this measurement period you consumed ~250 fewer calories per day than you burned. Based on your weight change since the beginning of your current program, you have consumed an average of 400 fewer calories per day than you burned. To reach your goal by the date you set, you now need to consume 600 fewer calories than you burn per day, or change your goal date”.

As you can see from the above hypothetical scenario, there is no mention of how many calories you burned or consumed, only what you ABSOLUTELY need to do based on a TRUE number: your measurement/weight change tied to the laws of energy. After 2-3 weeks of participating with the program there is no room for error. This is because the calorie deficit recommendation is always based on your weight trend since the beginning of your current program, not the single week-to-week input (i.e. updated weight is always mapped to your starting weight). Using the “since beginning” weight  establishes a true trend, thus eliminating any daily fluid fluctuation issues.

No matter how you determine your estimated calorie burn and recorded calorie intake, those numbers will always be subject to human error, and so will your estimated calculated deficit. Your ACTUAL deficit is a true number based on a body measurement change used within the indisputable laws of energy – so there’s no room for error. The amount of your ACTUAL deficit is solely responsible for your rate of weight/fat loss – the greater the ACTUAL deficit, the faster the weight/fat loss. The change in your weight or body measurements is the answer to your true calorie balance, not your food log or energy expenditure estimates.

Upgrading your program with the most accurate calorie measuring device available
If you are interested in receiving an extremely accurate account of your day-to-day, minute-by-minute calorie burn, step count, physical activity, sleep patterns and more, you should upgrade your program by adding the armband built by BodyMedia®, the leader in body sensing devices.

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Feb 03, 2012, 10:02 PM
Thank you for reaching out. You're welcome to ask questions here or click the "Contact Us" button at the very bottom of this page. At this point, there isn't a way to change the default times. A new version of the program will be released in March and you'll see several upgrades. You can also drag and drop any item into any meal slot.
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Feb 03, 2012, 07:54 PM
If we have questions, I don't see where to put them. Or is this the place? (And it took some searching to find this!)

Using Nutrition tracker, is there a way to change the default times without having to edit every single entry? If "Lunch" was at 11 or 3, instead of the default time (1:00), is there a way to enter stuff and move the whole block? Or can it be set to default to the last time entered?
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