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Fit Pro Rewards

Fit Pro Rewards Program

To date, over 10,000 of the world's greatest Fit Pros were collectively rewarded with more than $2,000,000 in prizes!

How to Participate & Win:

Simply help your clients, gym members, friends and family achieve their health and fitness goals faster with the dotFIT supplements that are right for them.

Help enough people, and earn Rewards in 3 fun ways:

  • Up to $300 in FREE dotFIT Supplements
  • Prizes for the Top 3 Fit Pros each Quarter
  • An unforgettable Career-Skyrocketing Weekend at Neal's California Ranch (Invitation-only; Top 6 Fit Pros each Spring and Fall. Check out the video below for details)

Details & FAQs

Q: When does it start?

A: The monthly program is running now. All dotFIT Fit Pros are eligible - all you need to do is have your Fitness Manager submit your dotFIT Supplement Sales each month before the 15th of each month (see "How do I submit my results" for the details below).

Remember, this is a Monthly Rewards Program, Fit Pros “start over” at the beginning of the following month, which means you can earn Rewards each month!

Q: What are the Rewards Levels?

A: There are 7 Monthly Rewards Levels for Fit Pros based on individual in-club and online dotFIT Sales:

  • Monthly Rewards
    • $250 Rookie Level ($250-$499 in dotFIT sales) = $25 online dotFIT Rewards Coupon
    • $500 Starter Level ($500-$749 in dotFIT sales) = $50 online dotFIT Rewards Coupon
    • $750 Gamer Level ($750 - $999 in dotFIT sales) = $75 online dotFIT Rewards Coupon
    • $1,000 Player Level ($1,000-$1,499 in sales) = $100 online dotFIT Rewards Coupon
    • $1,500 Baller Level ($1,500-$1,999 in sales) = $150 online dotFIT Rewards Coupon
    • $2,000 Beast Mode Level ($2,000-$2,999 in sales) = $200 online dotFIT Rewards Coupon
    • $3,000 Dominator Level ($3,000+ in sales) = $300 online dotFIT Rewards Coupon
  • Quarterly Prize for Top 3 Fit Pros
    • 1st Prize = $1500 Visa Giftcard
    • 2nd Prize = $1000 Visa Giftcard
    • 3rd Prize = $500 Visa Giftcard
  • Semi-Annual Grand Prize
    • Neal's Ranch Experience for the Top 5 Fit Pros

Q: What is the "Neal's Ranch Experience" Grand Prize?

A: It's an "unforgettable", "life-changing", "career catapulting" weekend experience at Neal's Southern California Ranch for the Top 6 Fit Pros! 

The Grand Prize-winning "Neal's Ranch Fit Pros" in the above video are just like you - passionatehard-workinggood-hearted people who just want to make the biggest difference they can in their clients lives, and they do so with total integrity.  Now it's your turn!

Download the Details (Right-click, Save Target As to your computer)

The Top 6 Fit Pros in individual in-club and online dotFIT Supplement Sales each fall and spring will spend an unforgettable day with dotFIT Founder Neal Spruce at his exclusive Southern California Ranch (a Hollywood-favorite location for more than 85 movies and TV shows), hang out at his house, ride his horses, pick his brain (no-holds-barred), and make valuable contacts that can enhance your career in the fitness industry!

If you are serious about taking your fitness career to the next level, then you want to be at Neal's Ranch!

Q: How can I submit my results to win Rewards?

A: Submit your individual net in-club and online dotFIT Product Sales at Enter your individual sales number by the 15th of the following month (For example, January Sales must be submitted by February 15th). Any submissions after the 15th will not be accepted.

Sales numbers are submitted by Club Managers. dotFIT will verify sales numbers with each club's Manager.

You will receive your Reward information within 2-3 days after the 15th deadline, via email.

Q: Do all dotFIT Product Sales in a month count towards my total?

A: All in-club and online product sales that you personally generated from clients, members and people in your community count towards your monthly total,except for the following: Products purchased for your own personal use, product sales that you did not personally generate, and powders sold in individual servings (i.e. smoothie bar shake sales are ineligible).  

Q: Is there a limit to how many Rewards I can win?

A: There are no limits to how often you may win monthly Fit Pro Rewards – so keep it up! However, there are only 6 spots available for the Grand Prize trip to Neal’s Ranch.

If you win a trip to Neal’s Ranch, you won’t be eligible to win for the next 24 months. This allows more first timers to join the dotFIT Grow Strong Fraternity!

Q: May I gift my Fit Pro Reward?

A: No, you may not.
Fit Pro Rewards are to be used by the individual trainer for their personal product. This is the premise behind the program. Each personalized coupon code is sent to an individual trainer based on their individual sales. Fit Pro Rewards when “gifted” create an issue for coupon verification on the backend.

Q: Are $750 - $3000+ per month in dotFIT Supplement sales realistic?

A: Absolutely! For example, the average individual supplement purchase is $65 per member per month. The $750 Reward Level may be achieved by just 11 sales, or less if your average sale amount is higher.

Remember, 80% of all gym members use $50 supplements on average each month. There is a tremendous opportunity for you to achieve any level you desire! The Top dotFIT Fit Pro generated $11,558 in just one month! Learn how she did it in this interview.

Q: What can I do to improve my monthly sales?

A: Here are 3 things that will immediately grow your supplement sales:

  • Become a Master of the Products by visiting our Product Education Resources.  Print out a copy of the new Supplement Quick Reference Guide today. Pick one product per day, learn everything about it, practice with your fellow Fit Pros or Manager, and then talk to everyone you meet about the benefits.  People need your professional guidance!
  • Set your sales goals by using this Goals Worksheet and break them down into achievable steps. Let's say you want to increase your sales by $925/month.  At $65 per sale, you only need 15 new sales to achieve $1500. If you work 20 days per month, you only need 1.3 new sales per workday. If just 30% of the people you talk to purchase supplements, commit to talking to 5 new people about their recommended supplements per working day, and you’ll exceed $1500 by the end of the month! That's how the Top Fit Pros do it every month!
  • Let us know how we can help you! Do you have a question about how to use a product effectively, simply email your Account Specialist, or call our R&D Team (877-436-8348). If you don’t know who your Account Specialist is, email us at  We are here to help!

Q: How are trainer sales numbers verified?

A: Submitted Sales are verified by a Manager in each club. If sales are not verified a Fit Pro Reward will not be issued.

Q: Are club owners eligible to participate in Fit Pro Rewards?

A: Fit Pro Rewards is a built-in tool to assist Club Owners in rewarding their staff for their dotFIT success, Club Owners are not eligible for Fit Pro Rewards.

For questions regarding the Fit Pro Rewards Program contact us toll free at (877) 436.8348 option 0 or via email at

What are you waiting for? Act today!

Bottom line: If you’re working with clients every day, why not give them EVERY advantage and help them achieve their health and fitness goals as fast as possible?

Remember, you can’t out-exercise poor nutrition, so be sure to set every client and member up for success. That’s what they’re counting on you for!

Plus, isn't it much more fun to set new, exciting goals, and then work hard to achieve them? Use Fit Pro Rewards as your excuse to take what you do to a whole new level!

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