Smoothie Bar

How to incorporate dotFIT powders into your Smoothie Bar


dotFIT Recovery Bar,  Courtesy of Fusion Fitness Center, Newark, DE

Integrating your dotFIT powders into your smoothie bar is an effective way to increase your sales while helping your clients achieve their goals more quickly.  

Here's how you can set up your own up in short order!

Step 1 - Create Your Recipes and Menus

  • Choose your dotFIT shake recipes from the free recipes in the Fitness Vault:  
    • Shakes typically sell from $4 - $6.50, depending on the market and the ingredients used
    • Neal's NO7Rage and AminoBoostXXL pre-workout Energy & Focus Slushy can also be sold for $2/scoop.  Here's the recipe:
    • Bulk powders are available for WheySmooth and Pre/PostWorkout via your Wholesale Order Store
  • Choose your optional dotFIT add-ins for your shakes:
    • Energy Boost:  WorkoutExtreme (2 capsules for "Pick-me-up" energy, 3 for "Premium" energy, and 4 capsules for "Super High Octane" energy)
    • Joint & Skin Health:  JointFlexPlus (2 capsules to improve joint health and reduce fine lines and wrinkles)
    • Strength & Power:  CreatineXXL (8 capsules for 3gms of creatine monohydrate, with beta-alanine, glutamine and glycine
  • Download the above Recovery Bar Menu templates, Courtesy of Fusion Fitness Center

Step 2 - Educate and Promote